Intersection Online

16 Jul 2017

Brand Perception: First Impressions Matter

What Is Brand Perception? Brand perception is the way that consumers select, organize, and interpret external information about your brand. This information comes from your marketing collateral, website, and online reviews. Information can also come in the form of experiences with your brand, like interactions with your customer service personnel. It’s crucial that you keep track of the way that your target market understands your brand, because their perception will reflect whether or not they decide to make a purchase. […]

09 Jul 2017

7 Factors that Influence User Experience: The Iconic Honeycomb Model

User experience issues arise in both electronic (e.g. a business website) and analog form (e.g. a tangible product).  In 2004 Peter Morville, an information architect, devised a 7-facet honeycomb to guide those concerned with user experience. Governments, Fortune 500 companies, website coders and more strive to honor its dictates. This article explores the concepts embodied in this exemplary user-centric model. Useful Product usefulness rises or falls with its design quality. Examples abound. An umbrella turning inside out at the slightest breeze fails […]

02 Jul 2017

The Importance of User-Centered Design

User-centered design is at the very core of digital marketing. In this blog, we’ll explain what the user experience is, five important usability principles, and how you can keep up with your industry. The user experience  The user experience refers to how a system behaves with people in the real world. It doesn’t refer to any single aspect, but rather the entire experience someone has when interacting with your site. Your site layout, content, typeface, phrasing, domain name, load time, and navigation […]

01 Jul 2017

Design as A Business Investment & Catalyst for Greatness

It was Pablo Picasso that said, “I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else.” As a celebrated painter and artist Picasso knew the value of visual images and how they can impact an audience. According to the New Yorker, in 2001, one of his paintings was rumored to be sold for an estimated 139 million dollars until the owner accidentally punctured the painting causing the sale to cease. As illustrated in the previous example; one minor detail […]

12 Jun 2017

The Power of Visual Storytelling

Close your eyes for a moment, and think about Apple. Whatever your opinions on the company, images of shiny, sleek devices and cutting-edge technology on black backgrounds probably compose part of your perception. And of course, that simple, symbolic apple logo that is recognizable the world over also comes to mind. Or consider recent McDonald’s advertisements. McDonald’s ads tend to feature the bright, vibrant colors of fresh ingredients, or the introduction of new premium sandwiches in front of stark black […]